Latin American Studies Director Participates in International Symposium on Memory and Violence in Peru

Latin American Studies director Dr. Jo-Marie Burt joins international scholars and activists Friday, February 22, at New York University for an Interdisciplinary Symposium on Memory and Political Violence in Peru.
Dr. Burt will be presenting on her research on trials in cases of human rights abuse stemming from the internal armed conflict that shook Peru between 1980-2000. Also speaking will be the Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Coordinator of Peru, Rocio Silva Santisteban.
Synopsis: Peruvian Historical memory has particularities and complexities relevant to Latin America and especially the Andean region. These characteristics demand an interdisciplinary dialogue that has not taken place to date in U.S. academia. This Symposium will create a platform for discussion among experts, scholars and artists from Peru and the US, in order to analyze and elaborate on the past and current processes relating to the internal armed conflict (1980-2000).