Latin American Studies
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Meet our new Writing Tutor in Spanish!

The Spanish program is pleased to announce that Luz Mueller will be serving as a Writing Tutor for Spanish undergraduate students in the fall semester of 2017. Luz will help students enrolled in 300- and 400-level courses with composing and editing academic essays in Spanish while encouraging them in the writing process. Professor Lisa Rabin will be providing Luz with mentoring. Please stay tuned for more details for the fall semester!

Meet Luz! 
My name is Luz A. Mueller and I’m a Spanish major. I’m also seeking a minor in Latin American Studies. Tutoring Spanish is an opportunity to assist other students with the writing process and to build upon my own knowledge of the language. I believe peer support in the learning process is a valuable element for academic success and it creates an atmosphere of diverse learning and enrichment.


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