About Latin American Studies Courses

Courses for Spring 2016

Buenos Aires

There are many courses scheduled for Spring 2016 that are relevant to Latin America. To determine whether other courses may count toward the major or minor in Latin American studies, contact the director.

Courses in Latin American Studies

The program in Latin American studies offers a one-credit introduction to Latin American studies as well as a limited number of other courses specifically for majors and minors. Departments across the university offer many other courses that deal with the history, politics, and culture of Latin America. Each semester there are also special topics courses that offer diverse perspectives on Latin America.

This wide range of courses provides students with a rich, interdisciplinary understanding of the role of Latin America in a globalized world.

Below is a listing of Mason courses that are relevant to Latin American studies.

Latin American Studies

LAS 490 - Internship
Approved work-study experiences in organizations such as area museums, NGOs, and local, state, and federal agencies.

LAS 499 - Research Seminar in Latin American Studies
Research on a specialized topic in Latin American Studies culminating in a substantial paper and oral presentation.


ANTH 302 - Peoples and Cultures of Latin America

ANTH 330 - Peoples and Cultures of Selected Regions: Non-Western (when focus is on Latin America)

Art History

ARTH 204 - Survey of Latin American Art

ARTH 376 - Twentieth-Century Latin American Art

ARTH 472 - Advanced Studies in 20th-Century Latin American Art


DANC 118 - World Dance (when focus in on Latin American dance)


ECON 361 - Economic Development of Latin America


ENGH 315 - Folklore and Folklife

ENGH 416 - Ethnicity and Migration in Folklore


GGS 316 - Geography of Latin America


GOVT 331 - Government and Politics of Latin America

GOVT 444 - Issues in International Studies (when focus is on Latin America)


HIST 271 - Survey of Latin American History*

HIST 272 - Survey of Latin American History*

        *HIST 271 surveys the colonial era to 1825, while HIST 272 surveys development of independent Latin American since 1825. It emphasizes interactions of the United States and Latin America.

HIST 364 - Revolution and Radical Politics in Latin America

HIST 365 - Conquest and Colonization in Latin America

HIST 367 - History, Fiction, and Film in Latin America

HIST 525 - Problems in Latin American History


SPAN 315 - Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPAN 322 - Introduction to Latin American Culture

SPAN 323 - Field Study in Hispanic Culture

SPAN 325 - Major Hispanic Writers (when focus is on Latin American writers)

SPAN 326 - Treasures of Spanish American Literature

SPAN 329 - Special Topics in Spanish and Latin America Literature (when focus is on Latin America)

SPAN 335 - Topics for Proficiency: The Americas

SPAN 388 - Introduction to Latina/o Studies

SPAN 390 - Introduction to Hispanic Literary Analysis

SPAN 466 - Latin American Civilization and Culture

SPAN 476 - Teaching Spanish in the United States

SPAN 486 - Topics in Latin American Literature

SPAN 487 - Topics in Latin American Literature II: Late 19th Century to the Present

SPAN 488 - The Literature of Spanish America

SPAN 500 - History of the Spanish Language

SPAN 551 - Special Topics in Spanish (when focus is on Latin America)

SPAN 580 - Contemporary Hispanic Institutions

Women and Gender Studies

WMST Special Topics - Latino/a Feminisms


Undergraduates in Graduate Classes

Qualified undergraduate students may register for 500-600 level courses with permission of the instructor and the department. Undergraduates who want to take a graduate course and apply the credit to their undergraduate degree should obtain the necessary signatures on the form Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit. Undergraduates who want to reserve the credit so that they can apply it to a graduate degree at George Mason or elsewhere should use the Reserve Graduate Credit form. These forms need to be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.