BA in Latin American Studies

This program is no longer accepting applications for new students.

Study Latin America at Mason. You will explore one of the most diverse and exciting regions in the world.

Contemporary Latin America is the product of a long and turbulent history of conquest, resistance, and cultural mixing. The result is a rich and unique blend of African, indigenous, and European cultures.

Understanding these complex societies has never been more crucial than it is today, since people of Latin American descent now represent more than 13% of the population of the United States.

As a major in Latin American studies, you will develop a broad expertise in the region while pursuing an individualized program of study that suits your own particular interests. You will improve your language skills and take courses in many disciplines, including anthropology, dance, economics, folklore, geography, government, history, and literature.

Your coursework will culminate in a seminar in which you develop your own research project under the mentorship of a faculty expert.


Students who successfully complete the BA degree in Latin American Studies will be expected to demonstrate the following:

-          Global Understanding

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of critical aspects in the politics, culture and society of the Latin American region
  • Demonstrate understanding of how Latin American and Latino issues relate to and interact with global and regional issues, patterns, and processes.

-          Critical Thinking

  • Assess assumptions; consider alternative perspectives/solutions; and draw conclusions and make judgments based on evidence gathered.

-          Social and Behavioral Science

  • Demonstrate understanding of key concepts, terminology, principles, or theories within the field of Latin American Studies.
  • Use appropriate method(s) to apply social and behavioral science concepts, terminology, principles, or theories to significant issues relating to Latin America.


All students have opportunities for research, global engagement, public service, and career preparation.

  • Conduct independent research with a faculty member through honors in the major. Read more >>
  • Improve your linguistic and cultural understanding by studying abroad. Read more >>
  • Learn valuable on-the-job skills through an internship with a federal agency, international organization, nongovernmental organization, or cultural institution focused on Latin America. Read more >>


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