Fall 2013

These are the courses scheduled for fall 2013 that are focused on Latin America. To determine whether any other course may count toward the major or minor, contact the director.

This information is provided by the Latin American studies program and is subject to change.  For the official and most up-to-date schedule information, see the Schedule of Classes on the website of the Office of the Registrar.

Fall 2013

DANC 119 - Dance in Popular Culture: Afro-Latino Dance

ECON 361 - Economic Development of Latin America

ENG 421/591 - Latin American Folklore

GOVT 331 - Government and Politics of Latin America

GOVT 631 - Latin America

HIST 271 - Survey of Latin American History

HIST 365 - Revolution and Radical Politics in Latin America

HNRS 240-007 - Reading the past

NCLC 102 - Global Networks and Communities

SPAN 315 - Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPAN 329-001 - El Camino de Santiago, Special Topics in Spanish and Latin American Literature

SPAN 370-002 - Latina Feminist Creativity

SPAN 388 - Introduction to Latin@ Studies

SPAN 390 - Introduction Hispanic Literary Analysis

SPAN 420 - Spanish in the US

SPAN 482 Mass media and Pop Culture in Latin America

SPAN 551 - Teaching Spanish as Heritage Language